First quadraplegic music concert – Performing with the Brain concert at Meany Studio Theater at University of Washington, Seattle WA

Megapolis Audio Festival Festival

Deueling Thumbs StudioLab is very pleased (and belated) to announce a speaking and performing presentation (along with Daniel Thornton, Mike Katell, and Jacob Sundstrom) at the 2015 Megapolis Audio Art Megapolis Audio Festival Festival in Oakland and SF, CA in June as a performing artist. We’ll be describing and playing the Encephalophone, generating music directly from the brain (without movement). Come if you’re in the bay area!

Talking Solar Oysters

Thomas Deuel is an artist who’s primary focus is three–dimensional sculptural expressions of sound. Here he takes us on a tour of his recent “Talking Solar Oysters” installation currently on display at Georgetown Culture and Arts Center.