The Encephalophone Ensemble (Encephalophone performance) – October 22, 24 2016, King Street Station, Seattle WA, at the 9e2 Seattle festival of art, science and technology


Dr. Gyrus and the Electric Sulci (Encephalophone performance and lecture) – June 2015, Stork Club, Oakland CA, as performing artists at the Megapolis Audio Art Festival



Talking Solar Oysters (Solo Exhibition) – 2014, Palace Gallery, Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center, Seattle WA

video credit: Dan Thornton, Creative Differences


Fwang Od and Soundomes (Solo Exhibition) – 2013, Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center, Seattle WA

Fwang Od is an ‘aural postcard’ sound installation constructed rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically from high-density stereo field recordings from the village of Buscalan, a Kalinga tribal village in Northern Luzon, Philippines.  Found sounds are from the village of Buscalan, and focus particularly on the last surviving traditional tattoo artist of the Kalinga head-hunting tribe, an elder named Fwang Od. She is also the focus of a documentary, The Pintados Project (http://www.pintadosproject.com), which is in production.  I was the sound recordist and audio engineer for the documentary.

Fwang Od Tap


The Soundomes are height-adjustable audio immersion chambers for the listener of sound installations, delivering uncompressed high-definition stereo to the listener while removing any visual stimuli and insulating outside sounds.

Soundomes1 Soundomes2 

Sense of Place (Solo Exhibition) – 2010, Megapolis Audio Art Festival, Baltimore MD

This piece consists of two sound installations (Rajput Remix and Himalaya Hop), juxtaposing found sounds with abstractions of travel photographs. One enters a tent and listens to field recordings remixed into place-specific musical compositions, while looking at abstracted images of the locations the site-specific sounds originate from.


Rajput Remix:

Himalaya Hop:


Parachute Dance (Collaboration) – 2010, Megapolis Audio Art Festival, Baltimore MD

An interactive performance installation consisting of a cloth parachute embedded with sensors, which is manipulated by the performers to modify music.  Participants simultaneously become dancers, choreographers, composers and performers.   This was a collaborative piece between Sharlene Leurig and Thomas Deuel.